Australia’s native solitary bees need protecting.
They’re under threat from pesticides and loss of habitat. Help us protect native bees so they can do their important job of pollinating the food and flowers we love.


Native bee numbers down
Sadly our bees are under threat. Pesticide use is reducing native solitary bee populations, while clearing of natural habitats means the surviving bees no longer have the shelter they need to do their essential pollinating work.

Protect our bees to protect our food
From apples to almonds to strawberries and tomatoes, many of our favourite foods depend on pollinators, like native solitary bees. They carry pollen as they fly from flower to flower, which helps fruit and vegetables grow. In fact, pollinators protect 75% of our crops, including a third of our food crops.





Weleda Bee B&B Hotel project supports native solitary bee populations by giving them shelter so they can pollinate our food and plants. The Bee B&B Hotels are also places for native bees to nest and help regenerate their communities.

You can help protect Australia’s native solitary bees by building a Bee B&B Hotel at your school and giving your local bees a place to live and build their families.

Over 500 Schools on board  –  register your School today!


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